Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Paragraph to Ponder

From Arup:

"Arup’s internal research shows that 40% of all packages received at the firm’s offices are employees’ personal purchases, increasing to 60% during the festive season. It’s a worldwide problem, causing traffic congestion on American city streets such as New York and San Francisco."

Distribution is the Kingdom

From the excellent Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in the Age of Distraction by Derek Thompson:

"Some people disdain distribution and marketing as pointless, boring, tawdry, or all three.  But they are the subterranean roots that push beautiful things to the surface, where audiences can see them.  It is not enough to study products themselves to understand their inherent appeal, because quite often the most popular things are hardly what anybody would consider the "best."  They are the most popular everywhere because they are, simply, everywhere.  Content might be king, but distribution is the kingdom."

The Choice: Make Coal Great Again—or Build New Industries?

The Choice: Make Coal Great Again—or Build New Industries?: A more likely path to good jobs lies in retraining workers in dying industries to acquire skills demanded by growing ones.